There's no doubt that an experience on a high challenge ropes course provides a ton of positive educational results, but . . . the initial cost of building a ropes facility and the additional expenses of maintenance and hard skills training begin to make Gil Chapa's Challenge Master's package look like a "Best Buy." Gil has put a lot of creativity and workmanship into the low challenge events he offers in a convenient "bagged" adventure package. If you are contemplating installing a ropes course, Gil's alternative is worth a look.
Karl Rohnke

"I learned a lot & really liked the workmanship/quality of your Kit. I feel we got our money’s worth."
T. Elrod, P.E.
Newton Conover City Schools
Newton, NC

"This is a valuable asset for not only students, but for teachers/administrators & the community."
N. Sinnett
Newton Conover City Schools
Newton, NC

"Excellent package! Although we had an assembly of many items; this is slick—user friendly set-up!

I am very excited to bring this stuff to kids! I am impressed with the way you’ve made this program portable!! Super!!!"

Katie Coleman, Teacher
Olympic ESD 114
Port Orchard, WA

"Very positive! Activities will be highly useful in the classroom. Easy to set-up the activities and break-down the equipment."
Pat Williams, Teacher
Olympic ESD 114
Port Orchard, WA

"Useful experiential activities and material resources in a genuine, quality portable format!"
Bob Gorman
Dist Ext Agent, Alaska

"Wonderful resources that can be used to expand our programming. Really like the packaged program Kits!!" Rodney Sawyer, Ext Dir
Currituck, NC

"I think Challenge Masters has a great program and excellent equipment!! The program can be used in such a variety of ways, places and therapeutic settings etc!"
Kristin Schutte, Trng Dir,
Olypic ESD 114
Port Orchard, WA

"Perfect set of tools to enhance curriculum, groups and program!! Outstanding!"
Lori Hughes, Safe Schools Project Staff
Lapwaii Schl Dist
Pascoe, WA

"Excellent tool! Well packaged and I’m excited to get trainers working with it!"
Kellee Smart, Administrator
Lapwaii Schl Dist
Pascoe, WA

"Great!! Will be used now that we can bring the adventure into the buildings and not having to take the kids to Columbia Park!!"
M. Crigler, Counselor
Lapwaii Schl Dist
Pascoe, WA

"Very dynamic, innovative ideas and wonderful equipment! I learned much and had a very pleasant experience."
Ruben Magallan, P.E. Teacher
Mission C.I.S.D.
Mission, TX

"I’m very excited about Challenge Masters, Portable Challenge Kits Program. I think the training has given me the tools and framework for doing things I’ve done in the past in a more skillful manner!"
Spencer Beard, Teacher
Stevens Elementary
Seattle, WA

"I’m impressed! I knew this was out there (portable challenge ‘stuff’). I just needed exposure—I got it!"
Mike Oliver, Special Ed Teacher
Stevens Elementary
Seattle, WA

"Great equipment! Colorful, fun and wonderful activities. Can see how it will adapt to programs we have in place at CHD."
Center for Human Dev
San Francisco, CA.

"I have worked with Challenge Masters Inc. since the year 2000 through projects in Palau and Portland, Oregon. Challenge Masters has trained facilitators, provided equipment, worked with youth and taken a leadership role in developing youth leadership programming.

Challenge Masters consistently provides thorough, appropriate and fun-packed programs in each capacity. Facilitator trainees and program participants alike develop skills and attitudes that positively impact their lives.

When it comes to adventure education – quality equipment, training and service Challenge Masters is my #1 choice."

Sonny Montes
Portland School District

"I absolutely loved the hands-on training. I like how the teaching was sequenced because it kept everyone moving quickly and at the same time kept motivation up.

What a rush! Motivating, exciting and fulfilling. Should have done this years ago. The techniques and lessons presented have provided us an unequaled ability to approach any issue encountered with sound problem solving skills and unmatched teamwork. This program is a must for any school wishing to advance all programs and build staff self-esteem. It’s a blast!
Cass Brassard
2006 Oklahoma - PE Teacher of the Year

I loved it- great team building for our organization & ideas for use in the community. I learned that every one of us has an important role in the group & to value each other."
- Thank you! Laura Andersen

"It was a great opening-up experience. I never thought I would feel this comfortable around strangers doing all these activities.
Nicklaus Motin

I thought the training was outstanding and presented very professionally.
Patrick Joyce

What really surprised me was how close we became during this experience."

"This training really brought me out of my comfort zone. I learned that I can be a leader and speak my mind.
Shana Martin-Foote

My new experience wasn’t with myself, per say, but something I witnessed with another person overcoming a fear. What great achievement for [her] and for others to witness. Anonymous
I think this is a great training for co-workers to learn to listen and really be a team…to notice our co-workers and encourage them."

Lori M Prado

Gil & Nancy were very organized, knew material well and accomodated all members of the group.
Great Job!

Liz Verdi

Awesome! It will be good for using at work and really pushed me to grow personally also.

Excellent, motivating, energizing and strenuous. Brought out the athlete in me in more ways
than one.

Terry Rodriguez

Exactly the type of training my staff and I needed. We have seen these but had never been trained. This was great!
Lisa Prieto

The two presenters are excellent. You need to have experience to be effective. The trainers have a wealth of experience and knowledge. I am greatful for their commitment.

Luis Longoria

"Our program is off to a great start. We introduced [our program] to our staff. It was a HIT! The debriefing was incredible and it was such a great way to kick off our year. I have incorporated your activities into every training session that I do. They have all been such a success.

I can’t tell you enough how wonderful the training was. We’ll keep you posted!"

Debby Hewitt

"I wanted to share with you the effect that implementing low ropes early on has had. We have decreased the amount of physical altercations by over 80 %......We have a noticeable increase in platoon cohesiveness. Thank you for all your help."
Fermin Barbosa Jr.
1SG, CSMR - Commandant

"I am a high school teacher with the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board in Ontario. I purchased a portable ropes kit and attended a training session with Challenge Masters. I found the experience to be invaluable and am in the process of amalgamating all the games/initiatives used with the ropes kit into our existing curriculum. I teach an alternative program for students "at-risk" of graduating and who have not been "successful" in the mainstream."
Jodie Williams

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