We believe that character, good leadership, effective teams, respect for diversity, bully and drug prevention depend upon social-emotional health of all community members.

We believe that play and experiential learning lay the foundation of all learning; that Adventure Education, specifically, creates a safe environment so that all participants build capacity to prosper as happy and productive members of their communities.

We are dedicated to helping people and their communities thrive. We do this through adventure education. We offer workshops, training and superior quality; cost effective Portable Ropes Course Adventure Kits.

We take play seriously!


Gil's love for adventure inspired him to create Challenge Masters Inc..  Challenge Masters is an adventure education company that provides portable ropes course equipment and training. Gil is an internationally recognized adventure education facilitator and trainer whose expertise has been sought throughout the U.S. and in more than 12 countries.

Gil’s experience spans over thirty years. He holds degrees in Education Administration, Business Management and Graduate work in Guidance & Counseling. After twenty-four years in the field of Adventure Education, his passion renews each time he works with others and nurtures their success.

His adventure education background includes facilitator training with Washington State University and Project Adventure. He was a Chief Instructor with Outward Bound and he facilitated workshops and trainings in Taiwan, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and Palau. He continues to develop and facilitate youth leadership programs, and is a co-author of Challenge Master’s Adventure Curriculum,  

Gil’s infectious love for play and funn*; his knowledge and expertise in the field; his attention to detail and his ability to help others celebrate their value make him a favorite facilitator who continues to be called back, and referred to with the highest regard.

*functional understanding not necessary
– Karl Rohnke

Nancy’s penchant for play and learning has led her from her B.S. in physical education, to teaching certifications, trainings in several areas of interest and continued coursework, activities and reading. She is a veteran teacher in classroom subjects and physical education. She has worked with learners from preschool as well as high school; and with general, special and alternative students. She has given presentations and workshops to her colleagues in a variety of venues.

Throughout her career, Nancy has integrated subject matter with nurturing social-emotional growth of her students. Adventure Education is the golden link that makes this connection complete. She works and plays in adventure education and creates applications for anti-bullying, anti-drug education, health and physical education. She has co-authored Challenge Masters Adventure Curriculum and Adventures with Parachutes and Scooterboards

To make a positive difference in the lives of others is Nancy's passion and drive. She knows, first hand, the power of adventure education and how it impacts growth in social, emotional and intellectual development.

Bill is a man of many talents. He began working with Challenge Masters in 2001.  His initial duties were in our production department. His innovative ideas gained the attention of our design department. We appreciate his contributions and the pride he takes in his work.  We never know what he will create next!

Bill also manages our packaging and shipping department. When you receive one of our kits, chances are it will have been packaged by Bill.  Thanks, Bill!

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