Challenge Masters, Inc.'s Portable Ropes Course Adventure Kits
are multi-faceted and completely portable so you can offer on-site, off-site and multiple site programs. This allows you the flexibility to determine when, where and how often you want to offer adventure education. You are not controlled by weather conditions, transportation, scheduling and cost of taking your group to a fixed, off-site ropes course.

Challenge Masters Kits are packaged in 5-8 custom-made, heavy-duty Cordura bags and they are further packaged inside those bags to keep your equipment organized and at your fingertips. Bags are storage-friendly. An entire kit can be stored and secured in a small closet!

We can help you get started! Check out our Inventory Lists. You can order an entire kit, specific bags or from our itemized lists.If you are just getting started and want to purchase a partial kit, we can help you prioritize your purchase. Please call us.


ELEMENTARY Adventure Kit
Inventory List - Total $4,905.00
EXPEDITION Adventure Kit
Inventory List - Total $6,459.00
EXPLORER Adventure Kit

Inventory List - Total $4,205.00
Inventory List - Total $1,142.00

ELEMENTARY Adventure Kit
(Itemized Price List) For Reordering Supplies
EXPEDITION Adventure Kit
(Itemized Price List) For Reordering Supplies
EXPLORER Adventure Kit

(Itemized Price List) For Reordering Supplies
(Itemized Price List) For Reordering Supplies

Please consider our advantages:

Our portable ropes course adventure kits contain everything you need to create an exciting adventure program that meets your unique needs! We offer three different kits and we will work with your organization to customize your kit.

All of our kits include low ropes course equipment along with a variety of colorful and inviting props and materials that invite play, regardless of the participants' age. Our assortment gives kits the versatility to meet different needs, skill levels and programs. All kits include reference books and data bases with an ample collection of 377 to 800-plus exciting hands-on, interactive experiential initiatives and strategies. All Challenge Masters Kits include a curriculum book that guides the facilitator through sequencing, adaptations, safety, frontloads and debriefs.

In addition to our three kits, we offer an Adventure Essentials Bag. It supports facilitators who are just starting; do only short-term programming; or who share a kit with other organizations but want some essentials at their fingertip.

When you purchase a CMI Kit, you can be certain you own the most versatile, user friendly and superior equipment in the portable ropes course industry.


Challenge Masters Portable Ropes Course Adventure Kits are your best choice!

All wood pieces are:
• Premium quality and built to last.
• Routered, sanded and finished with 3 coats
spacerof polyurethane.

• Planks and Wooden Blocks can be set up for:
spacerElectric Fence
spacerJelly Roll
spacerMohawk Walk
spacerPortable Zig Zag
spacerQuad Blind Shuffle
spacerQuad TP Shuffle
spacerThe Board Room
spacerTP Shuffle
spacerWild Out N' Back
spacerWild Woosey

Trollies can be:
• Connected or separated to accommodate
spacerdifferent skill levels, number of participants
spacerand initiatives
• Used with other equipment to vary initiatives

Spiders Web:
• Fits tightly to the frame. No Sagging!
• Can be set up Horizontally or Vertically
• Accommodates hardware for
Lines of Communication

Last but not Least
• Available hands-on training includes program
spacerfacilitation and use of equipment

• Curriculum that supports National
spacerand most state standards and guides the
spacergrowing facilitator

• Database of 377-800 activities

• Diverse applications

• Easy assembly, storage and organization

• Economical – Please compare our quality,
spacerservice, warranty and price to any portable
spaceror fixed-site product!

• You can see all that you will be getting!
spacerWe show complete inventory lists and prices!

• Indoor/Outdoor and year 'round capabilities

• Minimal Maintenance and One Year
spacerNormal-Use warranty!*

**Half or our customers are from referrals**

**Many of CMI’s Portable Challenge Kits,
purchased over 18 years ago are still in use**



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